No medical referral is required at On-Balance Physiotherapy for private patients.

A referral is required if you are covered by Veterans Affairs.

If you have a WorkCover or Insurance claim, prior approval for your initial consultation is required and details of your claim must be provided before your first treatment

However On-Balance Physiotherapy receives referrals from a wide range of specialist Neurologists, ENTs, Geriatricians and General Practitioners.

As well as the primary interest in vestibular issues, the practice provides considerable expertise in the treatment of cerebellar and brainstem pathologies, peripheral neuropathy and falls prevention; headaches and migraine.

Dizziness and imbalance is often very subtle in presentation and unresponsive to traditional treatment.

We use state of the art diagnostic tools such as infra-red video goggles, video Head Impulse Test (HIMP), Suppression Impulse Test (SHIMP), Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMPs), force platform to put a number on balance and computerized educational resources to ensure gold standard treatment is provided.

If you have had any x-rays or other investigations please bring them to your initial consultation.

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