You are welcome to look for someone in your area.

People sleep in such individual ways that it’s very hard to accurately recommend a pillow, BUT avoid stomach sleeping, aim for good neck and head support with fairly midline position if at all possible. 

If you need to upgrade your pillow make sure you try before you buy. Specialised bedding stores and department stores like Harvey Norman often have sample pillows available to try on the beds.

If your GP has prescribed you medication use it as required.

It depends on you and your condition and what is recommended by your Physiotherapist.

Each patient is an individual case, therefore treatment differs for each person. You may or may not feel sick after treatment as it depends on how the individual reacts to the treatment.

Generally we like to let things settle for a few days before further treatment, however if your symptoms become exacerbated please let us know.

If you are concerned please have someone drive you.

Your initial consultation is a 1 hour appointment in which the physio will both asses and start treatment with you.

All patients undergo the same comprehensive assessment process. This consists of a guided reporting of your history and symptoms and clinical examination of vestibular function and balance.

We use state of the art equipment to aid our clinical reasoning and to ensure effective individualised treatment is offered. Click here for further information about your assessment.

The number of appointments required depends on you, your problem and how you respond to treatment. Everyone is different and all treatment is individualised. Click here for information about Treatment.

Limited onsite parking is available at Hornsby, Dee Why, Gosford and Penrith. Street parking is available at Artarmon, Burwood and Parramatta. Please allow time to park. See our location guides.


We have 7 locations in the greater Sydney region: Hornsby, Artarmon, Burwood, Dee Why, Gosford, Parramatta and Penrith.

For more information on our locations please click here.

Yes, we do accept Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)/Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Please note that we do not bulk bill, so the full amount needs to be paid at the time of your appointment. We can claim directly with Medicare on the day if you have your Medicare Card and a Debit Card with you. The refund can be made directly into your bank account. If you do not have the correct bank card receipt will be provided which you can take to Medicare to claim.

Generally treatment is not claimable with Medicare.

Treatment is only claimable with Medicare if your GP provides you with an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC)/Chronic Disease Management Plan.

If claiming on an EPC the standard rebate from Medicare is $56.00

You need to pay the full fee of the appointment upfront before claim can be made with Medicare.

You need to speak to your GP about this. It is their decision.

Unfortunately as there are so many health funds with various levels of cover, we cannot tell you the amount you will receive back. However, if you give your health fund a call they can tell you directly. If calling your fund you will need our item codes: 500 for an initial consultation and 505 for a subsequent consultation. Costs for each visit can be found here.

Yes, if you are covered for physiotherapy with your extras your treatment is claimable with your private health fund. All our locations use HICAPS. Bring your Private Health Fund card so a claim can be made at the time of treatment in addition bring a means of paying the gap.


Yes, you can see any of our physiotherapists.

Often Drs refer to Pam because she is the Principal Physiotherapist.

The referral applies to all our locations.

Physiotherapists are first contact practitioners, as such a referral is not needed. Many GP’s and Specialists do refer to us, so if you do have a referral please bring it to your appointment.

However, referrals are needed if you:

  • Are a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) patient
  • Are using and Enhanced Primary Health Care Plan/Chronic Disease Management Plan
  • Are claiming on insurance i.e. Workers Comp, Third Party Claims etc. Please note for insurance claims we also need prior approval from your case manager and case manager contact details.

No, we are not a bulk billing practice.

Costs differ slightly depending on which physiotherapist you see.

Pam Reynolds – Principal Physiotherapist

Initial Consultation (1 hour) $250.00
Subsequent Consultation (30 mins) $150.00
Extended Consultation (45 mins) $200.00

All other Physiotherapists

Initial Consultation (1 hour) $ 200.00
Subsequent Consultation (30 mins) $120.00
Extended Consultation (45 mins) $170.00

All our physiotherapists do the same testing and treatment, so you will be getting the same comprehensive assessment treatment from all our physiotherapists across all our locations.

All our physiotherapists have University Degrees in Physiotherapy and post graduate training in Vestibular Rehabilitation and upper cervical spine disorders, as well as our extensive in-house training programme and ongoing professional development.

We are highly skilled and passionate professionals.

Check out our physiotherapists profile here.