About Us

Our Pathway to Balance

Identify the cause of Your Problem

  • Discriminate between ear, brain and neck
  • Apply specific tests
  • Substantiate using technology

Manage Your Symptoms

  • Explain the cause
  • Employ Particle Repositioning Manoeuvres
  • Instruct gaze and postural stability exercises
  • Mobilize cervical spine
  • Teach postural correction and exercises
  • Use Virtual Reality for balance training
  • Screen Posture
  • Train balance on a force platform

Reach Your Physical and Lifestyle Goals

  • Individualised Home Exercise Programme
  • Perfect Posture Program
  • Self-management techniques
  • Track progress with repeated testing
  • Self-manage flare-ups/recurrences
  • Understand the problem

On-Balance Physiotherapy is a Centre of Excellence providing world class solutions for the management of vestibular and balance disorders, dizziness and headache.

Our core principles

Respect the individual

  • Listen
  • Agreed goals and desired outcomes

Provide education

  • Ensure understanding of the presenting problem
  • Explain the On-Balance Physio approach

Understand the complexities of dizziness and balance

  • All staff have specialised post-graduate education in this area
  • All staff are passionate about their specialisation

Utilise world best practice in the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders

  • Employ standardised assessment and treatment protocols across all sites
  • Use scientifically proven evidence based treatment techniques

Incorporate state of the art equipment in diagnosis and service provision

  • Including infra-red video oculography, force platform, video Head Impulse Test
  • Provide Vestibular Function Testing (vHIT, postural sway, cVEMP, oVEMP, SVV)
  • Virtual Reality balance training

Keep abreast of world best practice

  • Attendance at international and national neuro-otology conferences and courses
  • Colaborate with centres of excellence in Vestibular practice and research (USyd, RPAH)
  • ‘Test drive’ innovative programmes and equipment

Share knowledge and understanding with others

  • Provide in-service education in Vestibular Rehabilitation to physiotherapists and other medical practitioners, GP’s and specialists
  • To present at conferences and meetings
  • To mentor physiotherapists working in Vestibular Rehabilitation

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