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On-Balance Physiotherapy Pathway

About Us

On-Balance Physiotherapy is a Centre of Excellence providing world class solutions for the management of vestibular and balance disorders, dizziness and headache.

Our core principles

  1. Respect the individual

    Agreed goals and desired outcomes

  2. Provide education

    Ensure understanding of the presenting problem
    Explain the On-Balance Physio approach

  3. Understand the complexities of dizziness and balance

    All staff have specialised post-graduate education in this area
    All staff are passionate about their specialisation

  4. Utilise world best practice in the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders

    Employ standardised assessment and treatment protocols across all sites
    Use scientifically proven evidence based treatment techniques

  5. Incorporate state of the art equipment in diagnosis and service provision

    Including infra-red video oculography, force platform, video Head Impulse Test

    Provide Vestibular Function Testing (vHIT, postural sway, cVEMP, oVEMP, SVV)

    Virtual Reality balance training

  6. Keep abreast of world best practice

    Attendance at international and national neuro-otology conferences and courses

    Colaborate with centres of excellence in Vestibular practice and research (USyd, RPAH)

    ‘Test drive’ innovative programmes and equipment

  7. Share knowledge and understanding with others

    Provide in-service education in Vestibular Rehabilitation to physiotherapists and other medical practitioners, GP’s and specialists

    To present at conferences and meetings

    To mentor physiotherapists working in Vestibular Rehabilitation