Meredith CookMeredith Consults at Parramatta and Penrith

Meredith Consults at Parramatta on Tuesday and Penrith on Wednesday providing for Patients on the West of Sydney and Blue Mountains with the opportunity for local access to high quality Vestibular Rehabilitation

Meredith Cook graduated with Honours from the University of Sydney (2009). After attending a Vestibular Introduction course run by Pam Reynolds in 2010, Meredith was inspired to help patients with vertigo and dizziness. She then went on to complete a comprehensive competency based Vestibular Rehabilitation course. Meredith was able to establish a vestibular service as part of her full time role in one of Sydney’s leading private hospitals and has had over 3 years working in Vestibular Rehabilitation. Meredith has joined On-Balance Physiotherapy following a period of maternity leave. She has a particular interest in rehabilitation of patients with an Acoustic Neuroma, Facial Nerve Paralysis (her Honours thesis) and headache and migraine.