Merryn MoffatMerryn consults at Hornsby on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Merryn graduated in 1989 from Cumberland College of Health Sciences. She has worked extensively in Private Practice in Mosman, Concord and Annandale in areas of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy. Acute care experience was gained at St Vincent’s Hospital and Strathfield Private Hospital and in various locations in the UK covering all areas of physiotherapy.

Her interest in the management of dizziness and balance problems came from personal experience being a long time headache and migraine sufferer and being successfully treated with the techniques employed at On-Balance Physiotherapy. She has acquired highly developed skills in these treatment methods and has a real empathy for fellow suffers.

Merryn’s desire to provide comprehensive management of dizziness has led her to develop an expertise in Vestibular Rehabilitation. This has been greatly complemented through attending both, the internationally recognised, Basic and Advanced Herdman Vestibular Rehabilitation Courses as well as the Foundation and Level 2 Watson Headache Institute courses.

Merryn’s thirst for learning, enthusiasm and caring nature are a great asset to our patients.